11 de March de 2020

How to start a self-service laundry business with Domus?

Clean&Go by Domus: discover all of the advantages Domus can give you to start a coin laundry business


Read this post to find out why you should choose and trust in Domus to set up your very own coin-operated laundry business. 

The coin laundry business is our business. So, before you start out on this journey of running your own laundromat, we would like to share our experience, know-how and, why not, some trade secrets, with you. To do this, we have created Clean&Go by Domus which encompasses our experience and our journey so far. Clean&Go can provide you with everything you need to turn your coin laundry business project into a reality, both easily and quickly.

At Domus, we will guide you throughout the entire process. We provide many of the advantages that a franchise does, but without being one. We give you the right to use our brand, and we provide training and support whenever necessary. However, unlike franchises, we don’t charge right of entry or royalties for advertising or sales. All revenue goes entirely to you. What is more, we will install all of our laundry equipment for you, and we can advise you on the appropriate choice of premises if necessary. At Domus, we know how to start a coin laundry business. Let us help you.

How does a Clean&Go by Domus actually work?

How can you start a coin laundry business with Clean&Go?

If you still are not sure how to start a coin laundry business, let’s take a look at the process step by step and see how we can help you. The first key advantage of our system is that you don’t have to hire staff; Clean&Go is designed to work 24/7, 365 days a year and completelyautonomously.

The system can be managed remotely from the connection of your choice, even your mobile phone.  All of our laundry equipment is highly efficient and environmentally friendly; all of our machinery reduces the annual consumption of water, energy and detergent. Our laundry equipment is easy and quick to install. The programmes and controls in our washer extractors and tumble dryers are designed with the end-user in mind. Thanks to our vast experience, we can guarantee a highly tested business model that is efficient, reliable, as well as environmental and user-friendly.

What are the advantages of Clean&Go for your customers?

Coin-operated laundromats are becoming more and more popular in large towns and cities. There are a number of reasons for this. One is the increase in the market for rental apartments, many of which do not have washing machines, not to mention tumble dryers. So, the demand for coin laundry businesses is also on the rise, making it a profitable business and a very safe investment.


Our laundry equipment is made with top-quality products and the utmost care. Thanks to us you can guarantee your customers the use of professional, safe and hygienic machinery.  With the Clean&Go system, users can wash and dry up to 18 Kg of laundry for under 10 pounds or euros.  So, thanks to the load capacity, not only do users save money, they can do their laundry without mixing their belongings with that of others.  This is extremely important in current times and is a sensitive issue that we have special consideration for.


Whether you are just thinking of starting a coin laundry business, or are looking for a laundromat equipment supplier to revamp your laundromat with our Clean&Go system, don’t think twice about getting in touch with us.

You can contact our Sales Department by completing the form on this website, or by visiting the Clean&Go tab on our main menu to receive all of the information.  We will get back to you as soon as possible and accompany you on your journey into setting up your own coin laundry business!