19 de November de 2020

A calender with folder with adjustable speed for an optimum and efficient productivity

Wall calenders 2065-2665-3365 with TOUCH II  


Our wall calenders are the perfect solution for all laundries that need to process large quantities of flat linen each day. Technologically highly advanced, they have been designed to achieve a higher performance along with a degree of energy efficiency and features never seen before.


The first thing we would like to highlight is the TOUCH II microprocessor, with a 7” programmable and easy to use touch screen, 38 languages available, 10 pre-set programmes – with the option of loading customised programmes thanks to its USB connection-, powerful software that enables traceability and data analysis, with integrated reverse roll…


Versatility, connectivity and robustness are three of the pillars that underpin the advanced design of this calender with folder  


This calender with folder has been designed to cover the drying, ironing and folding needs of a long list of customers and companies: hotels, hospitals, hostels, nursing homes, restaurants…

From the beginning, we were clear that we should launch highly versatile and robust machines onto the market, that are characterised for the simplicity of all of their parts, as well as for not requiring large maintenances tasks.

This is a radiant gas model, inox and skinplate grey panels, Nomex feeding and ironing belts – resistant to high temperatures- and with the option of installing a chrome plated roll which is anti-corrosive and more durable.

It is also possible to add a built-in lengthways folder, with or without the option of rear exit, in order to save more time and optimise productivity even further.


This calender with folder enjoys a compact design and, with the acoustic comfort of users in mind, it does not emit noises above 65 dB.

If we look at the parameters and components enabled by its high degree of energy efficiency, it is important to mention its automatic shutdown system at 80 °C, its gas circuit installed at the bottom- which considerably reduces energy consumption-, the EFFICIENT IRON system which enables the ironing speed to be adjusted according to the residual humidity of the linen, or OPTIMAL IRON, a high production system capable of offering an ironing speed of up to 15 metres per minute.

In terms of maintenance, the machine has a very comprehensive technical menu:  statistics, self-test, data recovery for technicians and maintenance, remote communication that enables a fast intervention…

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calandra con plegador


If you have any questions about our industrial laundry calender or our latest generation laundry machinery , don’t hesitate to contact our sales team so that one of our technicians can advise you directly.

You can do so by telephoning (+34) 93 888 71 53, sending an email to domus@domuslaundry.com or by completing the contact form that you will find on this website.

In addition to our section of industrial ironing machines, we have a wide selection of industrial washing machines and tumble dryers, as well as finishing machines with the most advanced technology. All created and designed to optimize time and reduce costs in an industrial laundry, any of these machines are a safe, necessary and profitable investment for any company with laundry services, regardless of the sector they belong to: hospitality, services, health, industrial… Don’t waste any more time and choose the future of the laundry!