12 de January de 2022

Industrial laundry machinery: washer types and models

Domus has been a market leader in the industrial laundry sector for many years. We design high-tech, efficient and robust washers with the most up-to-date features, and with a high level of connectivity. 

The Heavy Professional washer line from Domus

maquinaria para lavandería industrial

Let’s get things started with our Heavy Professional line of washers. These washers certainly have no reason to envy the higher end and industrial models in terms of their performance, while also boasting a more affordable price tag.

Our aim with this line of washers is to satisfy the needs of a wide range of small businesses, such as dry cleaners, bazaars, nurseries, hairdressers, beauty salons, etc.

The line also incorporates the TOUCH II microprocessor, with advanced energy efficiency, usability, and connectivity features.

Advantages of this model:

  • High G Factor of 450

  • TOUCH II microprocessor: fully programmable 4.3” touch screen, USB port, pre-set eco-friendly programs, multi-payment system…

  • Smart weighing system

  • Detergent dosing system

  • Wet Cleaning-ready

  • Manual load weight input (Optimal Loading) to optimise the use of water and detergents in partial loads.

  • Plinth for mops / Plinth for water recovery

  • Tub, drum and drum paddles in AISI 304 stainless steel

  • Same motor and inverter as industrial washers

  • Industrial and robust door lock

Domus industrial washers

maquinaria para lavandería industrial

Our lines of industrial washers come with many state-of-the-art features in terms of energy efficiency, productivity, connectivity and wash quality. 

Available in three different speeds, these washers have been designed to satisfy the needs of the industrial laundry sector. 

They all have a high G Factor compared to similar models on the market and come with the TOUCH II microprocessor installed as standard, with all the features we mentioned above. They have quickly become a global benchmark in the sector.

Some notable features (DHS model):

  • TOUCH II microprocessor: pre-set eco-friendly programs, 7” touch screen, exhaustive traceability control for every wash cycle, Wet Cleaning-ready, configuration in 38 different languages, 8 standard dosing signals…

  • G Factor of 450

  • Manual load weight indication (Optimal Loading)

  • Smart consumption system: automatic water and detergent adjustment

  • Possibility to connect to an ECOTANK water recovery tank.

  • The standard wash program uses less than 8.2 litres of water per kg and cycle.

  • The standard wash program uses less than 8.2 litres of water per kg and cycle.

  • With the new “Ready for Mops” system, mop washing is optimised to the maximum, significantly extending the service life of mops.

  • Easily adaptable to self-service models with the installation of a payment system.

  • Domus Connect system offering high connectivity for users, managers and technicians.

Sanitary barrier washers

maquinaria para lavandería industrial

Our sanitary barrier washers have been designed to guarantee the best possible health and safety conditions for both linen and laundry users. 

On the one hand, they are equipped with technology capable of guaranteeing an extremely high level of disinfection and cleaning. They have a double-door system designed to prevent cross-contamination between dirty and clean laundry. They also incorporate the TOUCH II microprocessor and have a high G Factor. 

Some advantages include:

  • Large doors to facilitate loading and unloading. 

  • The drum can be opened very easily with a push button.

  • 3 standard water inlets.

  • Double-door system to prevent cross-contamination.

  • These washers can be connected to an ECOTANK water recovery tank, making it possible to reduce annual water consumption by 70%.

  • Wet Cleaning-ready.

  • They incorporate the TOUCH II microprocessor. (Double screen)

  • Full traceability control for every wash cycle.

  • Manual load weight indication (Optimal Loading) to adjust water and detergent to partial loads.

  • With the smart consumption system, our barrier washers offer the possibility to configure three levels of savings.

  • High level of connectivity thanks to the Domus Connect system.

These are the general characteristics of the three types of washers we have in our catalogue. If you would like one of our sales representatives to get in touch with you, please take a few seconds to fill in the form. We will be happy to help you!