Industrial self-service washing machine, at a competitive price and with the best features

This is an industrial self-service washing machine at a very competitive and profitable price for any laundry that needs to process significant amount of linen each day; it is characterised for both its robustness and its high degree of energy efficiency thanks, in part, to the incorporation of the new TOUCH II microprocessor, but also to its advanced features.

This model is easily adaptable to self-service, is easy to use and does not require large maintenance tasks.

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The new TOUCH II microprocessor

7” programmable and easy to use touch screen.
USB connection. Includes pc software for programming, traceability, data analysis…
On-screen videos: advertisements, instructions (useful for self-service).
37 languages available.
8 standard dispensing signals.

Efficiency guaranteed and savings in all the processes

High G FACTOR of 450.
Smart weighing system.
Optimal loading: manual indication of the load weight.
Prepared for connection to water recovery tanks:
Low water consumption.

Versatility and adaptability to any space

A made-to-measure washing machine and with the option for customization.
OPL<>Coin / Token.
Electric <> Hot water
Possibility of using Wet Cleaning washing programmes.
Laundry management: OPL and self-service.
Remote payment system.
Remote technical assistance.

Hardly any maintenance tasks

Larger door diameters: Ø373 (for DHS-11/14) and Ø460 (for DHS-18).
Folding panel: easy-access to components.
Equivalent parts for all models: engine, contactors, electronic parts.
Traceability and error diagnosis.

Other characteristics of this industrial self-service washing machine

Exterior unit in skinplate
Drum and tub in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Detergent dispenser with 4 compartments.
Imbalance control using an inverter.
Certifications: CB, WRAS and EAC. ETL Option.

Additional options

Double drain.
Double 3” external drain (recommended for DH-11)
Drainage pump (for DHS-11 and DHS-14 models).
Valve normally closed.
Water RECYCLE: recirculation of the water from the wash.
Levelling feet.
Weighing system (sensors on feet). Includes kit with 6
extra dosing signals.
Option of incorporating a printer.
Silicone gasket for DHS-11 and DHS-14.
Reversible door: opposite door opening.
Tropicalized model: protective board.
Steam kit to transform an E or HW heated machine into a steam version.
Plinth to level the height of the machines at the top
Plinth to level the load height (door base at 850 mm).
Exterior unit in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Front panel in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Maritime voltage for electric models: 440 V III 50/60
Hz with no neutral.
Coin/token kit.
Option of installing a timer to open the door.