17 de May de 2021

Interview with Toni Reus, manager of the Domus local office in the Balearic Islands

All the news on the hotel laundry for 2021 


In a hotel, every attention to detail is important, and it is a good idea that both service clothing, such as uniforms and other items are perfect so that guest satisfaction and wellbeing are as high as they can be. 

maquinaria para lavandería hotelera

Domus are specialists in the design and manufacture of laundry machinery for the hotel industry. This year, we have launched some very exciting new models into the market to improve the process quality, productivity and energy efficiency of this type of laundry service.

To find out a little more about their strong points and performance, we talk with Toni Reus, Manager of SUINLA, the Domus local office in the Balearic Islands, so that he can explain in detail what these machines can do and what they offer hotel managers, given that the main market niche in the Balearics is the hotel sector. There is no better person to give us all the news and tell us about all the advantages of the Domus machines for the hotel sector.

Good day Mr. Reus, let’s start at the beginning. How would one define a hotel laundry, and what type of machines do you have available for these types of installations?

Currently 90% of our turnover comes from the hotel sector. This is the most important line of business for our company, although it is important to mention that the self-service sector has also increased dramatically during the past 4 years.
With reference to the question, it is important to mention that there are two very different specifications for hotel laundry.
Firstly, there are the hotels that carry out all the processes within their own premises: washing, drying and ironing– in which case, they need washing machines, dryers and flatwork ironers–; but we have also found many hotels that have decided to outsource the laundry process for flat linen as, by doing this, they save on the investment costs, both in machinery (they don’t have to invest in a flatwork ironer) and in staff.
Choosing the most appropriate machinery all depends on the amount of work and kilos of linen that the hotel needs to process. A 500 room hotel is not the same as one with 80 rooms. They are nothing like each other.
Looking a little deeper into our machinery catalogue, we have three different washing machine ranges, the high speed ones being the most suitable for a hotel laundry, although all technical specifications and features are the same in the three ranges. In this sense, any of our machines will perfectly cover the current requirements of a hotel laundry. For example, all our washing machines, from our smallest, which has an 8kg capacity, to the larger scale washing machines, with capacities of over 100kg, are set up to work with Wet Cleaning programmes, something that is incredibly useful in a laundry with these features.

What is the most notable performance in relation to energy efficiency of the new DOMUS washing machines?


First of all, it is worth pointing out what adding the new TOUCH II microprocessor to all our industrial machines has meant.

Thanks to its advanced performance, you can control things to the millimetre, and have a great deal of accuracy as far as the entry of water into the machine, adjusting the maximum levels of consumption.

On the other hand, it also allows you to create and download bespoke low consumption programmes, as well as allowing the maximum adjustment of detergent levels, the time for each wash cycle and revolutions per minute, with all the advantages that this brings to a hotel or industrial laundry.

In short, it allows you to adapt each programme to the specific needs of each type of stain and garment without any problems.

What other advantages does the TOUCH II provide and what does it allow laundry managers to do? 


Something that is very important, and should be highlighted, is that it enables you to control traceability and analyse data for each cycle easily and conveniently.

With everything that we have lived through in recent months, we believe that, looking ahead, the ability to carry out a follow-up of traceability and create a printed report at that time is something that will become increasingly necessary for potential audits, inspections…

Lastly, I would say that we have a processor with a large screen for showing users explanatory videos, it can be configured in 37 different languages, has 8 standard dosages, can be controlled through the IoT…, and because of all this, it is marking a turning point within the industrial laundry sector.

maquinaria para lavandería hotelera

Let’s talk about IoT. What advantages does it have for both owners and distributors?


There is no doubt that IoT is a milestone within the industrial laundry sector. Our machinery allows you to gather together a long list of advantages both for the technical service and for the laundry owners or managers.
In relation to us as a technical service, for example, it allows us to analyse the condition of any machine, create detailed error reports, remotely update the software, reduce technical interventions and reduce travel…
And if we focus on the advantages for owners, this large amount of gathered information enables improved decision making thanks to the total analysis of data and traceability.
In short, we are in the process of implementing this technology called Domus Connect and we cannot turn back.

Which dryer would be the perfect partner to these high speed washing machines for hotel laundries? 

At Domus we have three lines of dryers, all of which have demonstrated energy efficiency and advanced performance.

For example, our heat pump dryers are ideal for those clients that cannot set up, or do not have, an air extraction system on their premises. But we must not forget to point out that their energy consumption is very low.

On the other hand, if the client has gas and air extraction, an industrial drum dryer from the DYNAMIC or ECO-ENERGY ranges will certainly be the best option. But it all depends on the specific requirements of each laundry, the volume of work and the features of the space.

To conclude this interview, let’s talk a little about the third pillar of a hotel laundry, wall flatwork ironers. What can you tell us about the new features of your flatwork ironers for 2021?   


As you rightly say, the flatwork ironers are an essential element in any hotel laundry that takes care of all the processes within their own premises.

This year, apart from launching a flatwork ironer with folder – one of our unresolved matters–, we have also launched a wall flatwork ironer with a 65 mm diameter roll, a capacity that no other catalogue brand possesses at this time, and which is ideal for all those hotels with an average production and volume of work. With this model, I believe that as a brand, we have taken a small step forward which clearly differentiates us from our direct competitors.

On the other hand, our flatwork ironers also include the new TOUCH II, which can be controlled through IoT and which have a long list of energy-efficiency features.


To close, it is worth noting that to get in touch with the sales department at SUINLA, our Domus local office on the Balearic Islands, you simply need to phone 971 433 607, send an email to comercial@gruposuinla.com, or complete the form on this link. 

That said, thank you so much for responding to our questions, Mr. Reus, we wish your company and the whole island a great summer and a return to normality as soon as possible. It has been a pleasure to chat with you!