7 de November de 2019

Facility Services: Washing of mops will no longer be a problem in your laundry

A professional washer extractor, ready for mops, for maximum efficiency



Domus washers and their new “Facility Services” system are the ideal solution for washing mops in industrial laundries, in a wide variety of sectors, with special attention to facility service companies.

A system designed to obtain a high level of hygiene in all types of mops, regardless of the fabric they are made of. Care homes, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, hotels, kindergartens, schools, buildings and public buildings …, many places are usually cleaned with mops and Domus is there for all of them, by launching this innovative hygienic system.

The work done with the mops is not easy at all, and from the Domus R&D department we would love to help you leave them in the best possible conditions. The constructive design of the machine drum and its “soft mount” chassis optimize the cleaning job of the mop, as well as extend the lifetime of the mop and the washer.


Professional washing machine for mops: the objective is to optimize the mops, disinfect them and lengthen their lifetime



New features of Domus washer ready for mops:

1. We have adapted the spin speed to obtain the desired residual moisture % to obtain the optimum performance of the mops.

2. Using the TOUCH II microprocessor, you have full control of the drum movements.

3. It has a rip with holes designed to increase the movement of water up to three times faster than other conventional models.

4. These holes are specially designed to remove dirt from mops: dust, sand …

5. It has a large format door to ease loading and unloading.

6. Using TOUCH II you can reduce the consumption of water, energy and detergents from three different levels of savings. It also offers traceability, allowing you to extract a graph showing the level of disinfection by cycles.

7. The plinth with filter drawer avoids that the dirt is drained with the water, making the cleaning more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Ask for more information by contacting DOMUS

If you want to obtain more detailed information or you are looking for a direct and personalized service, you just have to contact the sales department at Domus and we will be glad to help. Domus also offers professional and industrial dryers with this system to care for the mops. Don’t forget that to commit to Domus is to do it with the laundry of the future.