24 de September de 2020

Sense & Smell: a gift for your senses

An industrial tumble dryer with fragrance thanks to our innovative dosing system  

At Domus, we would like to show you our Sense & Smell dosing system, available on all of the industrial tumble dryers with TOUCH II–regardless of whether they are single drum, double drum or work using a heat pump- and designed to achieve soft, perfumed and perfect clothing in each cycle.

Its working is very simple; the fragrance is sprayed using a spray nozzle which is situated on top of the drum. This makes the fragrance mix with the incoming air and it permeates all of the clothing by passing through its interior.


The fragrance of the container is installed in a small cupboard inside the tumble dryer unit; very easy to access, a 1.5l bag or a 4l container can be installed.  Furthermore, we have launched three different fragrances, very strong and pleasant: floral with fruity notes, floral with spicy notes and fresh with citrus notes. Each of them has a data sheet and safety sheet.

Industrial tumble dryer with fragrance: frequently asked questions about our Sense & Smell dosing system  

All of the fragrances are produced from a water base and it is advisable to always spray at a temperature not exceeding 45 °C. In terms of the amount of liquid or fragrance that should be used, it is important to make it clear that this depends on the concentration of fragrance in the solution, as well as the amount of aroma we want to permeate the clothing.

Our tumble dryers enable the number of stages and dosing time to be programmed, to be able to adjust each cycle to the desired results.

We also want to highlight that this is a dispensing kit that can be adapted to tumble dryers that have already been installed, given it includes the entire spraying system and compartment for the fragrance.

Sense & Smell offers fantastic results on all types of items: towels, napkins, sheets, pillows, bathrobes, table linen, personal clothing…, customers perceive the fragrance from the very moment the come into contact with the garments.

An industrial tumble dryer with fragrance is a necessary and profitable investment for a long list of businesses:

  • Spa
  • Self-service
  • Dry cleaning
  • Gym
  • Nursing home

Extremely easy to configure and use thanks to the new TOUCH II 

We would like to finish by recalling all of the features and strengths of the new TOUCH II microprocessor, designed under strict energy efficiency criteria and with a 7” touch screen that enables informative and educational videos to be displayed with instructions for use.

Programmable in 38 different languages, it includes pre-set efficient and environmentally friendly programmes and, as if that wasn’t enough, it offers the option of uploading customised programmes thanks to its USB connection and software. Furthermore, it also enables an exhaustive control to be carried out of the traceability and analysis of data in real time, in a convenient and simple way.

Request information about our industrial tumble dryers and the Sense & Smell system 


secadora industrial con perfume


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