Committed to the future, always seeking a sustainable present for the eco-friendly laundry

ECOTANK water recovery tanks are an essential element of an eco-friendly laundry of the 21st century. They enable you to save up to 70% of annual water consumption and are designed to optimise the washing process, making them more efficient and sustainable in equal measure.

Eco-friendly laundry: ECOTANK features

Water recovery consisting of 1,2 or 3 tanks.
Designed for front washing machines and barrier washing machines.
Exterior unit in skinplate grey.
80L tanks for DHS-11/14/18/22 front washing machines and ASM-16/22 barrier washing machines.
150L tanks for DHS-28/35C front washing machines and DHB-27/35 barrier washing machines.
The recovery device fills each tank using filling valves.
Easy installation and connection to Domus washing machines with TOUCH II microprocessor.
Capacity to recover up to 70% of the water.
High density polyethylene tanks, removable for easy maintenance and cleaning.
Each recovery device consists of a water inlet connection, steam outlet, water outlet and overflow/drain.
Two water level sensors (minimum and maximum) on each tank.
Minimum space required.

The washing machines with TOUCH II connect easily to the ECOTANK

Both the front washing machines and the sanitary barrier models from DOMUS adapt to the ECOTANK water recovery tanks easily and quickly. All of the needs of a modern, eco-friendly and sustainable laundry have been studied in detail, in terms of energy efficiency and the efficiency of the washing or consumption of water, in order to develop this type of latest generation machine, that will help you to save like you’ve never dreamed of before. They are the best way of optimising the resources of an industrial laundry, taking care of the planet and fighting for a better future for everyone. If you have any queries about how they work or you would like us to help you to choose your machine, request information with no obligation from Domus’ sales department, completing the contact form that you will find in this link.

We are here to help you to improve your eco-friendly laundry and make it more sustainable!