5 de August de 2020

An 18 Kg industrial washing machine designed for laundries that do not have large volumes of daily work

Centrifugal washing machines for hotels, campsites and hostels 


The 18kg industrial washing machines that we have developed at Domus are characterised for offering an advanced design and technology, along with a long list of latest generation features, that will help your laundry business to take a leap towards the future in terms of washing quality, ergonomics, connectivity and energy efficiency.

In this case, we want to show you the strengths of our 18kg model, a high speed washing machine with the new TOUCH II processor, a high G factor of 450, a smart weighing system or the possibility of adapting it to a self-service model without many complications.

A washing machine without any need for anchors, perfect to meet the needs of small hotels, care homes, hostels or gyms.

Below, we will explain a bit more about the features of this industrial washing machine for a hotel laundry. 

The features of the new DHS industrial laundry with TOUCH II

 lavadora industrial 18 Kg

We will start by highlighting all of the strengths of the new TOUCH II microprocessor. It has a large 7” touch screen that will offer you the possibility of showing instructional or promotional videos. It can be configured in 37 languages and has a USB input to load customised programmes, apart from those it already includes as standard, along with 8 standard dosing signals.

In addition, it will allow you to control aspects such as real time tracking and analysis conveniently and simply, thanks to the high level of connectivity that has been achieved, being able to solve all types of technical issues remotely.

A model designed to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency in small laundries

At Domus,  we have always made a strong commitment to the research and development of new technologies and equipment for laundries, which are especially respectful of the environment and contribute directly to saving energy, water and detergent.

On this basis, this 18kg industrial washing machine enjoys a series of features that make it one of the most efficient machines in the current market.

It has a smart weighing system called OPTIMAL LOADING; it is prepared to work with Wet Cleaning and can be easily connected to a water recovery tank which will save up to 70% of conventional yearly consumption.

We must not forget to mention that this is a tremendously ergonomic industrial washing machine, with easy access to all of the parts and it does not require large maintenance tasks, being an investment with the return guaranteed from the very start. You can be sure of that!

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Buying industrial washing machines is not an easy task and can generate many questions. It is important to clarify that we have always been characterised for offering a direct and personalised service to everyone who has requested it.

If you would like to ask us any questions, you just need to contact our sales department by calling (+34) 93 888 71 53, sending an email to domus@domuslaundry.com, or by completing the form that you will find on this website.