18 de January de 2021

All the advantages, both for managers and users, of our Clean&Go shops

Automatic laundry machinery easily adaptable to self-service, with features that will leave you open-mouthed

People’s needs evolve over time and with society. Whether it is due to the frenetic pace of life in big cities, or to the lack of washing machines in many of the flats rented in these cities, the self-service laundry business has grown exponentially in recent years – Barcelona and Madrid are the clearest examples, but it is a phenomenon that is occurring in most cities in our country.

As a leading company in the manufacture of machinery for self-service laundries, some time ago, we set out to respond to this need, launching a new business model for self-service laundries, called Clean&Go.

Why open your self-service laundry with Domus?

With Domus, deciding to open a laundry of these characteristics is extremely simple, since with our proposal, we offer most of the advantages that a franchise would provide, but without being one. What does this mean?

We will advise and guide you throughout the whole process: choice of machinery, design of the space and facilities, legislation, relevant training…

Our teams can work independently and autonomously, without the need for staff, all week and most hours of the day, being a highly profitable business model.

On the other hand, its Domus Connect management system allows you to resolve all incidents remotely, being able to automate 100% of the entire laundry space.

But one of the most important and determining factors that will end up tipping the balance, and convincing you of the viability of our model, is that by opting for Clean&Go you will obtain the three essential advantages that franchises usually offer – the right to use the brand, training and technical support – but without charging any entry fee, advertising royalties or royalties on sales, so that the turnover is all yours. Your profits are as important as ours!

Finally, all our automatic self-service laundry machinery has been designed to offer a level of energy efficiency, sustainability and savings never seen before.

With the new TOUCH II microprocessor, users will be guided through the large screen with illustrative videos and will use pre-set ecological programmes, but with a high quality of washing and drying.

The equipment is ergonomic and very versatile, without major maintenance tasks, and pays for itself in a short time thanks to this business model.

Advantages for the users of our Clean&Go shops and our automatic laundry machinery

The reason for the increase in the number of customers in our Clean&Go shops is easy to find.

Apart from getting a quality of washing and drying that they would never get using a domestic washing machine, the convenience and low cost of washing clothes in our shops is more than evident.

For less than €10 they can wash and dry up to 18 kg of clothes; in about an hour, waiting comfortably seated and enjoying the Wi-Fi zone for customers, saving time and money.

If we add to this the fact that they are autonomous shops that can open every day of the year all day long, we understand why it is a viable and safe business model, as well as the boom that they are experiencing in many cities in our country.

To obtain detailed information about our automatic laundry machinery or our business model for self-service laundries, please fill in the form in the section dedicated to Clean&Go shops and one of our sales agents will contact you as soon as possible.