9 de September de 2020

Laundry equipment specially designed for residential homes and care homes: high performance, efficiency and productivity

Due to the “new normal” that has arisen from the situation that we have all experienced in recent months, now more than ever it is crucial that nursing homes and hospitals take extreme precautions with safety and hygiene. By taking care of how we handle residential laundry, we protect and take care of family and friends who are in residential care.

Domus’ range of industrial and sanitary barrier washing machines can play a vital role in supporting healthcare to residents at this delicate time.

In this post, we will explain the strengths of three of our machines that, if installed together, make any hospital or residential laundry take large steps into the future and ensure that residences receive clean and sanitised linen. Our laundry equipment increases productivity, efficiency and quality at every stage of the laundry process, and above all, it guarantees safety and hygiene in the workplace.

Sanitary barrier washing machines: ASM-16, 22 TOUCH II 


Lavandería residencias

Our industrial sanitary barrier washing machine has been specifically designed to handle residential laundry in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Its double-door system prevents cross contamination between dirty and clean laundry at all times. Its load capacity ranges between 16 and 22 Kg of laundry per wash according to the model you choose.

Our machine is efficient by design; it has a high G Factor and the TOUCH II microprocessor which is a recent addition. TOUCH II consists of a 4.3” touch screen on one side, and the option to install a second screen on the other side.

The touch screen allows you to manage and control savings in water and detergent consumption; it provides real-time traceability and analysis, it has 8 standard dosage signals, pre-set programmes for consumption and the option of uploading personalized programmes via a USB connection.

But that’s not all! You can also connect your residential washing machines to our water recovery tank to reduce its annual consumption even more.

Browse our website to see our extensive range of commercial washing machines for sale.

DTT 23 ECO-ENERGY (H3) Single Drum Dryer  


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This industrial dryer was specially designed for residential homesas it guarantees excellent drying quality as well as optimal energy efficiency. This dryer is a cost-effective purchase and a safe investment to manage residential laundry in any nursing home, residential home or healthcare facility.

The truth is that this line of dryers is ahead of its time when it comes to efficiency and performance. It is equipped with systems for humidity control and intelligent air recirculation, a large filter to capture fluff, axial-radial air flow system and the new 7” TOUCH II. The unit is thermally insulated and there are two layers of glass on the door. Find out more about this dryer’s features by clicking on this link.

Not only can these dryers operate with Wet Cleaning, but they are also low-maintenance, have great ergonomics and a high degree of connectivity. If you are looking for the ideal dryer for a healthcare facility or residential laundry, look no further!

Calandra CM-2650 TOUCH II 

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All of our ironing machinery, such as the CM-2650 model, is designed to achieve unrivalled performance and productivity in modern laundries.  It provides options to significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce the total processing time. In a nutshell, our irons increase productivity, save time and provide quality to ensure that the end result is optimal. These are guarantees and requirements for laundries that process large volumes of flat linen on a daily basis.

A range of state-of-the-art features enables us to make these guarantees. Our irons include features such as; the EFFICIENT IRON system to control humidity with great accuracy, the new TOUCH II screen (only available in Ø 500/650 mm models), radiant gas burner, rear output, longitudinal folder, connectivity and versatility.

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Choosing a specific model of industrial washer or dryer is no easy task, unless you are familiar with the sector and have an in-depth knowledge of these machines and their applications.

If you would like one of our commercial agents to provide you with advice to make sure you choose the right machine to suits your needs, just fill out the contact form that you will find by clicking on this link. You can also call us at (+34) 93 888 71 53 or send us an email at domus@domuslaundry.com.