17 de February de 2021

New features of our industrial dryers for this 2021: more energy efficiency and systems based on IoT

Clothes dryer for businesses: restaurants, hotels, campsites, industrial launderettes …


This 2021 brings with it some important new features across all our lines of dryers for businesses and industries. We would like to share these with you in this post.

First, we have added the 14kg model to our line of single drum dryers. This model is ideal for restaurants, campsites, hotels and hairdressers … It has the same technical, industrial and energy efficient characteristics as the superior models, but at a cheaper price. It is aimed at all those businesses that do not have to process very large quantities of clothing on a daily basis.

Together with the new 14kg washing machine model, this is the perfect pair and offers guaranteed performance for many businesses that are considering having their own OPL (on-premise laundry)  space.

We also have a double drum dryer model that, unlike previous models, has a turbo mode. The turbo mode halves the time of each cycle, while achieving the same quality results.

Finally, if you are looking for the most efficient dryers on the market, it is important that you take a few minutes to look at all the features of our heat pump dryers. These dryers have been exclusively designed to obtain the highest energy efficiency levels, while always achieving high productivity and the best possible quality with each dry.

We at Domus would like to emphasise the exceptional degree of connectivity of all our dryers for businesses and other equipment for self-service launderettes 

secadoras para empresas DOMUS

In line with our strong commitment to respect the environment and the application of new technologies in all our industrial laundry machines, we want to highlight that both Domus washing machines and dryers have a level of connectivity and artificial intelligence that will leave you speechless from the start.

In essence, with DOMUS Connect we have tried to make as much information as possible available to customers, both about the machines and the business, remotely and from anywhere on the planet.

In order to manage your laundry space in the best way possible, whether it is an OPL, industrial or self-service, information is essential and being able to access it in a simple way greatly facilitates all management tasks, optimising time, both for users and for owners and distributors.

With this objective in mind, Domus machines have been developed using the latest technology for connecting to the cloud and obtaining the most varied information possible.

secadoras para empresas industriales

This two-way communication between machine and user through the cloud will allow you to optimise your time, as well as better manage and optimise your business.

In this sense, the distributors will be able to receive all the current and historical information regarding the dryers and other equipment, all the data related to the operating periods, error reports, software updates, immediate diagnoses, technical interventions without traveling …

Similarly, our IoT also provides great value information for the owners of a launderette, both OPL and self-service. It is capable of sending in real time all the information about the business and the machines, the billing history, permits for remote access to trusted personnel, scheduling and promotions…, in short, you can manage your launderette from home or from the office, with zero stress and no need to travel.

The truth is that the IoT marks a turning point in the management in of launderettes in every sense. It opens up a wide range of possibilities in business management, process control and the service offered to users.

And all this managed by the new TOUCH II microprocessor, which in the case of our business dryers, brings lots of advantages both in terms of connectivity and in terms of energy efficiency levels.

The new TOUCH II in our new dryers for businesses, restaurants and industrial launderettes

A microprocessor with advanced features that, in the case of dryers, is fully programmable and includes 29 default programs as standard, modifiable during operation. It also allows you to create, export and import new programs through a USB connection.

In addition, thanks to its large 7” touch screen configurable in 37 different languages and able to show educational videos of all the processes, we guarantee that our industrial dryers are accessible to users all over the world.

Finally, this is a microprocessor designed to work with efficient programs and one that allows close monitoring of the traceability of each drying cycle, something extremely useful, both in OPL and self-service launderettes.

If you would like to receive detailed information about our industrial launderette machines, just call us on (+34) 93 888 71 53, send an email to domus@domuslaundry.com or complete the following form, and one of our sales technicians contact will get back to you shortly.