17 de September de 2020

High-performance industrial washing machine manufacturers to serve a wide range of sectors

Front-load washing machines; optimal design and energy efficiency 


Our high, medium and low speed washing machines are ergonomic and streamlined thanks to our state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge technology. Clients can choose from a vast selection of accessories and options to obtain the exact machine to meet their specific needs. All of our laundry equipment is designed to obtain the highest degree of energy efficiency and savings without ever forgoing the quality of our clients’ laundry. The end result is what matters most.

Our entire range incorporates a long list of features, which has gained DOMUS a solid reputation as market-leaders in the industrial washing machine manufacturers’ sector.
Among the machines most outstanding features are; high G Factor, TOUCH II touch screen microprocessor, as well as additional bonuses such as; great connectivity, low maintenance and tremendous versatility.

As an industrial washing machine manufacturer, DOMUS has the expertise and technology to produce a wide range of washing machines to handle laundry to serve a wide range of commercial purposes and services. We are confident you will find a machine to suit your specific needs among our range of commercial washing machines for sale. The entire range shares common goals: optimal efficiency and productivity.

ECOVOLUTION by Domus: efficiency is intelligence


As an industrial washing machine manufacturer, we pursue maximum efficiency at all times with a deep commitment to protecting the environment.

Based on this premise, we manufacture cutting-edge and high-tech machinery, which guarantees an efficient life cycle in all our models.
Yet, that’s not all. We would like to draw your attention to the many ways our laundry equipment saves water, energy and detergent:

  1. The high G-factor in our machines obtains optimal efficiency in the spin cycle.
  2.  With the new TOUCH II microprocessor, ecological programs are now standard, so you can set our machines to operate with low water and detergent consumption.
  3. The pre-installed Water Savings function allows you to control both load and programming modes so that you can choose the level of savings.
  4. Efficient and intelligent consumption of chemicals and detergents are guaranteed.
  5. All  of our washing machines have been designed to be connected to a water recovery tank. This means that both water and detergent can be used for subsequent washing cycles, achieving annual water savings of  up to 70%.

Domus tumble dryers; the most efficient dryers on the market today 


The new ECO-ENERGY heat pump tumble dryers are equipped with a wide range of efficient features to increase energy-savings.

In this post, we would like to draw your attention to the outstanding features, which we have designed so that our dryers can guarantee unrivalled efficiency.

We will start by highlighting the AIR RE-CYCLE function; a system to recycle air by taking advantage of hot and dry air. This function greatly reduces both drying times and energy consumption.
Yet another exceptional function is EFFICIENT DRY; a system used in our tumble dryers to optimize spin speed and has intelligent humidity control sensors, which leads to shorter drying times.

What’s more, in our tumble dryers, the thermal air flow insulation circuit is insulated. The dryers have double glass doors, air vents and double panels. Thanks to these features, the energy generated is used to dry the clothes and not to heat the room.

And last but not least, we have the FULL FLOW function, designed to optimise axial-radial air flow.

Would you like to receive detailed information and advice? 

DOMUS is an industrial washing machine manufacturer with vast experience. We are here to share our know-how and help you make the right choice to purchase laundry equipment to suit your specific needs. By trusting in DOMUS, you can save time and money before and after your purchase.

Please get in touch with us with any queries you may have. You can call us by phone at (+34) 93 888 71 53, send us an email to domus@domuslaundry.com or fill out the contact form that you can find on this website.