10 de February de 2021

35kg and 45kg washing machines for hotels and restaurants with a space for OPL

What do we mean by OPL?


The term OPL (on-premise laundry) refers to those businesses that opt to set up their own laundry space instead of outsourcing the service by subcontracting a professional launderette, which involves having to take all their washing to external facilities.

It is increasingly common to find this type of facility in hotels and restaurants that have to process large amounts of flat linen on a daily basis, such as table linens, uniforms and service clothing or household linen from the rooms.

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At Domus we are specialists in the design and manufacture of this type of OPL. In this post we want to focus on our new models of 35kg and 45kg industrial washing machines. These are more compact machines, designed to achieve the best possible performance in launderettes which have little space, but that have to process a large amount of clothing daily while still achieving the best possible results.

Two compact, industrial washing machines with the latest generation features in terms of energy efficiency and productivity for your OPL
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Our new 35kg and 45kg industrial washing machines have been specially designed for OPL spaces that have limited space, but that have to achieve high rates of productivity and efficiency. With a G-factor of 450 and the incorporation of the new TOUCH II – a powerful and innovative microprocessor that has 29 preset ecological programs, a large 7-inch touch screen, 8 dosing signals, traceability control and data analysis, and can be configured in 37 different languages …, among other outstanding features – thee two models are more economical, compact and smaller compared to other industrial models. However, they will provide you with the best quality wash and will optimise your small laundry space to the maximum. They are therefore a profitable investment for any restaurant, hotel or business that has a space of this kind.

They also have an intelligent consumption system that consists of an automatic adjustment of water and detergent consumption, as well as energy consumption. These consumptions are adjusted according to the load estimated by the washing machine based on water absorption. At the same time, they are designed to connect to full water recovery systems and tanks, such as our ECOTANK system, which enables you to reduce your annual water consumption by up to 70%.

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We can even incorporate, to complement the washing machine, an automatic intelligent weighing system, with a high degree of precision and that works by means of sensors on the machine’s feet.

The machine is characterised by the simplicity of all its parts and by its low maintenance care. It has been manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel. Its door has a large diameter which facilitates loading and unloading, making it a washing machine that, in addition to being compact, is characterised by great ergonomics.

The model has grey skinplate panels, with a very contemporary, elegant and stainless-steel aesthetic, with inlaid front and side panels which are very easy to clean and are anti-fingerprint.

We would like to emphasise that, as with most of the models in our catalogue, this is an industrial washing machine that can be easily adapted to a self-service model.

The new TOUCH II allows close monitoring of the traceability of each wash cycle, as well as working with WET CLEANING programs 

Thanks to the new TOUCH II, these compact OLP washing machines allow you to monitor closely the traceability of each wash cycle –temperatures, water levels, detergent. All the data is stored in the washing machine and can be transferred to a PC using a USB memory stick.

This and all the other models of washing machines incorporate as standard the possibility of working with the WET CLEANING washing system. These are TOUCH II programs that will allow you to control the levels of temperature, water, and liquid dosage, and also adjust the speed of programmable washes and carry out a recirculation of the wash water.

Finally, we must not forget to mention the innovative design of the drum, with perforations in the drum paddle lifters, which create a waterfall effect that improves the quality of the wash, while reducing both the water consumption and cycle time even further.

Other technical characteristics of these new Domus washing machines

In terms of the technical menu of our new OPL launderette washing machines,we are proud to say that they have comprehensive menus, capable of self-diagnosing faults with the self-test mode, different alarms that warn the user of specific technical problems, an exhaustive record of information on cycles, times, speeds etc, as well as the option to restrict access to the same menu.

Ask for a quote and detailed information without having to commit

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As a leading company in industrial launderettes, we are 100% involved in each project and offer complete, personalised advice to all our clients because we know what it means for them to make an investment like buying one of our industrial washing machines.

If you want to ask us any questions or would like to request a detailed quote for your OPL space, just contact our sales department by calling 93 888 71 53, sending an email to domus@domuslaundry.com or completing the contact form that you will find at this link.