10 de March de 2021

An ozone cabinet specially designed to deodorise and sanitise clothing, materials and accessories

How does an ozone cabinet help you to disinfect clothes? 

Ozone is a colourless or pale blue gas that has very important disinfectant properties. It is a powerful oxidant with many industrial uses. Its two main functions are microbicides and deodorizers, as the gas is able to sanitize clothing and accessories in a natural way, without the need for chemical products of any kind.

At Domus we have developed an ozone cabinet to disinfect clothes called ECO_3. It is aimed at industrial launderettes and is capable of eliminating bad odours from clothes, such as tobacco, smoke from a fire, sweat, urine, the smell of domestic animals, mould, the typical smells of a kitchen, and those of a painting company. Its range of applications is very broad and varied.

What kinds of items can our ozone cabinet treat to disinfect clothes?

This ozone cabinet for clothes has been designed for all types of clothes items. It is suitable for:

  • Helmets, jumpsuits and jackets
  • Shoes and boots
  • Hats and caps
  • Bags, stuffed animals and toys
  • Bedspreads, pillows and curtains
  • Pet beds and blankets
  • Very delicate and intricate suits and garments that cannot be washed with water or dry-cleaned
  • Items that cannot be ironed

All these items and possibilities mean we can guarantee that our ozone cabinet is ideal for self-service launderettes, hotels, dry cleaners, theatres, fire stations, health centres, gyms etc…

Ozone cabinet models for clothes available in our catalogue

Our laundry machines catalogue offers three models of ozone cabinets or cabins to disinfect clothes, with three different capacities –313, 626 and 1252 litres–, and all very easy to handle. They have a programmer that indicates the status of the disinfection process by means of LEDs. They can also be converted into a self-service model and are extremely versatile and safe. They have a door locking system that works by means of an electromagnet, together with a safety micro catch to prevent it from opening during the cycle.
The filters are quick to change and do not require extensive maintenance.
It is made of grey or black skinplate, has a robust, double-panelled body and is 100% watertight.

How do our ozone cabinets work to disinfect clothes?

armario de ozono para desinfectar ropa

In the first phase of the cycle, the items to be disinfected are placed inside the ozone cabinet and the door is locked. At this point the time is selected and the cabinet begins to generate ozone through a Corona system that works with ceramic plates (ozone is generated with a concentration of up to 7ppm.).
Then, in phase two, the ozonation of the inside of the cabinet begins, and all the items are disinfected quickly and completely thanks to the fact that a constant and lasting concentration is achieved throughout the cycle. As if that were not enough, the equipment has an internal air recirculation system, which guarantees a homogeneous distribution at all times.
In the last phase, the ozone is removed, lowering the concentration to non-harmful levels for the user and the door is unlocked. This is achieved by activated carbon filters and no external ventilation is required.


Specialists in the development of all types of machines for industrial launderettes

We are experts in the manufacture of machines for industrial launderettes, with three main lines of business: washing machines, dryers and flatwork wall ironers.

We have always supported the development of the launderette of the future and the vast majority of our equipment is a benchmark in the current market, in terms of process quality, energy efficiency, connectivity and low maintenance care. There is no doubt that, with the manufacture of these cabinets for disinfecting clothes we have taken another step towards optimising and improving all the processes that occur in this type of launderette.

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