1 de March de 2022

Extend the life of your industrial dryer and improve its performance with these simple tips

In industrial dryers, as with domestic dryers, the cleanliness of their components will largely determine the performance and efficiency of the machine.

Keep in mind that the worst enemy of dryers is fluff, since it can cause obstructions in different parts and affect their correct operation.

A regular cleaning of the machine will be enough to keep the parts and components of the dryer free of fluff and therefore working like the first day.


Industrial dryer fluff filter


In all DOMUS industrial and professional dryers, the fluff filter can be easily accessed for cleaning, you only need to open the drawer just below the loading door.

DOMUS dryer filters are made of stainless steel mesh and have been designed to separate fluff and solid materials that are released during the drying process, thus preventing their entry into the extraction fan.

Cleaning after each cycle will improve drying and reduce heating consumption.



Discover the best TIPS to maintain industrial dryers like the first day.


TIP 1 – It is recommended to clean the fluff filter after each use to maintain maximum efficiency.

TIP 2 – Never clean the filter with a metal or rigid bristle brush.

TIP 3 – In case of cleaning the filter by hand, always wear protective gloves.

TIP 4 – We recommend inspecting the drum daily for foreign objects before starting it up again, in this way we will avoid possible damage to the clothes and the machine itself.

TIP 5 – Once a month, it is highly recommended to thoroughly vacuum and clean the dryer.

TIP 6 – In no case should we obstruct the exhaust duct, the ventilation system or the dampers, to maintain an adequate air flow and avoid overheating.

TIP 7 – Check the surroundings of the dryer daily to ensure that they are always clean and above all that they are free of any type of fuel such as gasoline and other flammable vapours or liquids.


Apart from these tips, there are other maintenance routines that must be carried out every 200 and 2000 hours of operation.

Remember that improper maintenance of the dryer, both industrial and professional, directly affects its efficiency, causing longer drying times and increased energy costs, which in the long run can also affect its useful life.

If you are interested in obtaining more detailed information about these routines, please contact our technical service or you can also consult the user manual of your dryer.