23 de October de 2019

Is a coin laundry such as Domus Clean & Go profitable?

The simplest, most economical and secure way to open a self-service laundry.



The substantial in which we want to give an answer to… is self-service laundry profitable?

With Domus Clean & Go the process is not only profitable but also simple and fast. If you are thinking about investing your money in this business, then you will be interested in everything you are going to read up ahead.

To start off, Domus offers the possibilty of opening a laundry with many advantages that offers a franchise-like business without actually being one. We will acompany you through the process of opening and informing all the advantages and particulars of this type of business from the beginning. On one side, we will express all the knowledge and experience that we have acquired in all these years and on another, our whole line of laundry equipment, newest models.


Domus Laundry Clean & Go offers advantages to the owner just as much as the customers.

This laundry is profitable just as much to the customer as it is for the owner. It is designed to offer a grand amplitude of time, opening everyday of the year if necessary. It is very important to recognize that having this function is very simple and intuitive, and at the same time the customer has the possibilty to wash and dry 18 Kg, of clothing in less than 10 €. What more can you ask for?

All in less than one hour and with free wifi during stay in the location. To end this long list of assets for the customers, we cannot forget the washing and hygiene quality that Clean & Go washers are capable of providing.


If we focus on the strong points that Domus offers to the laundry owners, we will see that they also shape an important list: essential advice with no cost at all; a business model with no staff member needed; an easy and safe installation, with little to no complication; they are businesses that have wide spectrum of public objectives; Domus displays its entire disposition of machines as efficient and ecological, designed to optimize the consumption of water, energy and detergents; all of this through the comfort of the domotics. You can control everything from your own home.
Is Domus Clean and Go profitable? Or not?