22 de July de 2020

Setting up a laundry business with the Clean&Move modules by Domus

Features and strengths of our Clean&Move modules


With the Clean&Move modules, we have made it possible for everyone who needs to set up a self-service laundry, which is small in size, in their business, can do so easily and without having to worry about a thing.

The first thing worth noting is that we have different pre-configured modules, such as the CUBE module, which offers a mobile self-service laundry of 3.5 metres in length, with a public space enclosed by glass walls, as well as a passageway which is always open, or the HAT model, without glass walls and with a metal awning for the protection and shelter of users.


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We must not forget to mention the CUSTOM modules; for all those customers who are not convinced by the configurations mentioned above, we have this option, with the design of modules which are fully customised and bespoke, according to the requests of each customer.

With Clean&Move it is possible to set up a mobile laundry with latest generation machinery: excellent performance, connectivity and energy efficiency 

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Machines are the heart of any laundry. At Domus, we have always been characterised by the research and development of new technologies for washing and drying, which contribute to achieving more productive, reliable, efficient and modern machinery. In this sense, all of our machines have been designed to achieve high levels of energy efficiency, without ever forgetting that they should provide the best quality of washing and drying possible. Another of their strengths is that they do not require a lot of maintenance, they are ergonomic and very easy to repair, most issues can be solved remotely by technicians. You just have to spend five minutes looking through the depths of our catalogue and you will see how much our laundry machines can contribute to your business or company.


We finish by highlighting one of the most interesting developments about our machines for 2020, the new TOUCH II microprocessor. With it, we have managed to make all of our machines very intuitive and easy to use. In addition, it can be configured in 37 different languages and incorporates a large touch screen, where promotional videos and tutorials can be displayed very easily. It comes with pre-set programmes, but you will be able to upload your own programmes directly, at the same time you will have strict control of the tracking and analysis of data in each washing cycle.

If you are thinking about setting up a laundry business, our modules have been designed to satisfy the needs of a long list of applications 


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These modules enable a laundry business to be set up in a long list of businesses and companies. They are suitable for camp sites, military areas, large events, minefields , car parks, washing tunnels, service areas…

That said, if you want to receive detailed information about how to set up a mobile laundry with Clean&Move, or you would like to ask us a question about our industrial laundry machines, you just need to call us on +34  93 888 71 53, send an email to domus@domuslaundry.com, or complete the contact form that you will find on this website.

We will respond to you as soon as possible, solving all of your queries and advising you so you make the best decisions!