26 de September de 2020

The best care for children’s clothing

A professional washing machine and tumble dryer, created to cover the needs of laundries in schools and nurseries, with the highest guarantees of hygiene 

lavadoras y secadoras profesionales_DOMUS

Now more than ever it is vital to take precautions and guarantee a clean environment for little ones in schools and nurseries. As important as guaranteeing this is that all of the items of flat clothing and household linen, as well as other elements like mops and cloths that are used for cleaning tasks, enjoy the highest level of hygiene and disinfection possible.

Here is where our new line of professional washing machines and tumble dryers plays a fundamental role. We are aware of the importance of correctly processing linen; which is why we have designed the Heavy Professional range, under strict energy efficiency criteria and always bearing in mind that, although they are more affordable models than the industrial lines, they have the power of offering the same washing and drying quality as their larger counterparts.

Both the washing machine and tumble dryer are as equally robust, programmable, efficient and environmentally friendly machines as the industrial ones, and they can perform the same number of cycles.

lavadoras y secadoras profesionales

Another of the strengths and most significant developments is the incorporation of the new TOUCH II microprocessor, with a large 4.3” touch screen, which offers the possibility of displaying informative or educational videos, as well as having 29 pre-set programmes and it can be configured in 37 different languages.

It enables the control of traceability and the analysis of data in real time and remotely, as well as having – in the case of the washing machines- 9 signals for automatic liquid dispensing which is programmable in time and delay.

Both are prepared to work with Wet Cleaning and are easily adaptable to self-service models.

Another strength of this line of professional washing machines and tumble dryers is that it incorporates the Domus Connect communication system, an IOT solution to manage the laundry space, notify of technical incidents, monitor the machines during cycles…

If we go into more detail and look at the professional washing machine, it is worth highlighting its high G factor of 450, its smart weighing system or its system which is especially designed for washing and disinfecting mops.

In the case of the professional tumble dryer we would like to highlight its improved radial axial air flow system, its anti-creasing programme at the end of each cycle, as well as its short drying cycles.

We end by saying that the two models can be stacked on top of each other without any problem, they can be installed in small spaces without too much trouble.

Perfect for nurseries and schools thanks to Ready for Mops, their special system for washing and disinfecting mops  

The washing machines and tumble dryers from the Heavy Professional line are the ideal solution for washing, looking after and disinfecting mops.

Whether they are cotton or microfibre mops,  they offer an optimum care, adapting to the spin speed to obtain the desired % of residual humidity, with the aim of achieving the best performance possible with each mop. They have holes in the drum adapted for this.

As if that wasn’t enough, on the washing machines, we can install a plinth for mops with a filter for solid particles, on the one hand enabling its use life to be extended and, on the other, the highest degree of disinfection possible.

If you have any questions regarding our professional washing machines and tumble dryerss

lavadoras y secadoras profesionales

To make any enquiry or to receive a personalised service from one of our sales technicians, you just need to complete the contact form that you will find by clicking this link.

If you prefer, you can also call us by telephone on (+34) 93 888 71 53 or send us an email domus@domuslaundry.com.

Remember that the safety of little ones is at play, with our professional washing machines and tumble dryers your peace of mind and that of parents is more than guaranteed.