7 de April de 2021

2021 brings lots of new developments in our industrial tumble dryers

The energy efficiency that characteristics our brand along excellent IoT-related features


At Domus we have always been committed to new technologies in order to improve our machinery. We develop all types of components and machines that guarantee the highest degree of automation possible in an industrial laundry.

This year, we have concentrated on improving the connectivity of all of our machines, adapting them fully to the so-called Internet of Things.

This has enabled us to launch machines onto the market that can be controlled and monitored remotely, in a simple and convenient way, using a mobile device thanks to the Domus Connect system.

Having said that, in this post we will focus on showing you all of the characteristics and strengths of our lines of industrial tumble dryers, grouped on the website into three main groups: with a single drum, double drum and with a heat pump.

The first thing we should point out is that we have incorporated the new TOUCH II microprocessor as standard in all three lines, specifically the large 7” screen model. It makes our industrial tumble dryers the most advanced dryers on the market in terms of connectivity and energy efficiency.

It offers the option of displaying informative or instructional videos, it can be configured in 37 different languages, it has preset eco-friendly programmes, it allows working with Wet Cleaning and, what we feel is the most important aspect of an industrial laundry, it enables an exhaustive control to be carried out of the traceability of each drying cycle.


Possibilities and benefits of our tumble dryers with IoT 

secadora con sistema IoT

In order to thoroughly, professionally and properly manage a laundry area, information is essential and, in a globalised world, being able to view this information remotely facilitates management and makes the best use of time.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the digital interconnection of day-to-day objects (or things) with the Internet. With this in mind, DOMUS machinery has been developed using the most advanced technology, it can be connected to the cloud and thereby obtain all of the data and information from each cycle.

This enables managers and directors of laundry spaces to choose how to view and process the information from each cycle: machinery, outputs, billing (self-service laundry), trusted customers, all with a high degree of customisation and adaptability to your specific requirements.

Having access to all of this information will enable you to improve day-to-day management and decision-making, be more flexible and have total control over all of the processes.

The advantages of IoT don’t end there, including the technical support service, for example. We and the technical support service, are able to create detailed error reports, check the status of each machine remotely, view the cycle history, install software updates, perform immediate diagnostics, reduce the number of technical interventions and physical journeys required…


Gas-fired turbo version in the double drum models: faster, more efficient and with the same drying quality  

Another notable development of our tumble dryers with IoT system is that we have included a turbo model in the double drum models, capable of drying the linen in half of the amount of time it would take a normal programme, with the associated energy savings.


secadora doble tambor con sistema IoT

But the new developments don’t stop there. For example, if we look at our line of professional machinery called “Heavy Professional”, it is also worth mentioning that we have included the new TOUCH II as standard but, in this case, with a 4.3” screen, in both the washing machines and the tumble dryers.

lavadora heavy professional con sistema IoT


The ECO-ENERGY tumble dryer with IoT system and heat pump: an abundance of efficiency, connectivity and excellent drying quality

Finally, we would like to show you the features related to the energy efficiency of one of our most advanced models of automated tumble dryers, the heat pump tumble dryer from the ECO-ENERGY range.

We are looking at the flagship of the new ECOVOLUTION concept with which we wanted to bring machines onto the market that prioritise energy efficiency above everything else, but continue to be able to guarantee the best drying quality and have an innovative design and aesthetic. The dryer is manufactured in grey skinplate with an inox effect and includes the most advanced components on the market. It is also worth highlighting that they are highly versatile industrial dryers for laundries and they can be adapted easily from OPL to self-service.

Lavanderia Domus sistema IoT

In terms of technical features, we would highlight the DOUBLE FLOW, an optimised axial-radial air flow system; COOL DOWN, a cooling system of all items at the end of each cycle; the fact it does not require an external steam outlet, it has a large lint filter, ergonomic draw and double glass door.

Don’t hesitate to request a detailed quote or technical advice in choosing your automated and industrial tumble dryer  

One of our key principles is to be fully involved in each project and purchase process, helping each customer to find the model of tumble dryer with IoT best suited to their laundry’s volume of work and their budget.

To receive personalised advice or to request a quote, you just need to write to us at the email address domus@domuslaundry.com, call us by telephone on (+34) 93 888 71 53 or spend a few seconds completing this form and we will contact you straight away. Never forget that choosing Domus is choosing the laundry of the future.